Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Workers Unite Film Festival #NYC


Workers Unite 
Film Festival

Wednesday, May 14th

  Litho Auditorium
113 University Pl  
New York, NY 10003

  Purchase tickets HERE for film screening & discussion

Healing Across the Divides
A short film and presentation from this foundation, that reaches out to marginalized working people on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to help increase the delivery of health and wellness services to these underserved populations. A fascinating look at how cooperation on key issues by workers might pave a path of understanding, critical for the future of peace in the Middle East. 15 minutes. Presented by Norbert Goldfield, M.D, Founder and Executive Director of Healing Across the Divides. www.healingdivides.org

Through the Eye of the Needle The Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz
A Holocaust survivor's remembrances in uniquely beautiful stitched images and vivid accounts bring an uplifting story to the screen. Esther Nisenthal was 15 in October of 1942 when the Jews of her village in Poland were ordered by Nazis to report to a nearby train station. Esther's story of survival is extraordinary and her method of storytelling unique: stitching and embroidering. It comes to us in a series of 36 large fabric collages, intricately embroidered in vivid color, created more than 40 years after the war. The film explores the capacity of the human heart to heal and for a regular working person to produce art that reminds us that genocide and acts of baseless hatred are still with us. 32 minutes.
New York Stories: The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire  
This major segment from Producer/Director Ric Burns' wonderful New York Stories, focuses in on the tragedy at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory over 104 years ago and how the tragedy sparked massive labor unrest, organizing, demonstrations and ultimately brought the foundation of today's occupational health and safety laws. 70 minutes.
For a full schedule of films and program, visit www.workersunitefilmfestival.org.

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