Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ras Baraka (@rasjbaraka) is the candidate fighting for public education ~ @NetworkPublicEd

Join NPE's Thunderclap & support Ras Baraka for Mayor of Newark, NJ

Back in February, The Network for Public Education endorsed Ras Baraka for Mayor of the great city of Newark, New Jersey. Baraka currently serves on the Newark City Council and he is a leader in the fight against school closures & privatization.

As the May 13 election draws closer, Baraka holds on to a strong lead over hedge fund darling, Shavar Jeffries. Over the last few weeks, however, backers of school privatization have donated more than $1million to the Jeffries campaign, assuring that the race will continue to heat up as election day nears. As we have seen in other races throughout the country, promoters of school privatization have deep pockets and support candidates who often turn over public schools to for-profit charters.  

As a way of countering the corporate reformers' big dollars, NPE has organized a Thunderclap campaign - a way to send out thousands of messages about Ras Baraka through social media. We are asking our Friends & Allies to join us in our Thunderclap campaign ( At Noon (Eastern) on Saturday, May 10, Thunderclap will tweet a message from the accounts of everyone who signed up at the same time. It is a novel way to reach supporters and the voting public.

About Ras Baraka: Councilman Baraka had a long career as an educator - ten years as an elementary teacher, and twelve as an administrator. He also served as a teachers union representative for five years. This experience gives him a deep understanding of the challenges facing our schools. In response to the questions posed by The Network for Public Education, Councilman Baraka addressed issues important to NPE. He said, "...our focus must be on strengthening, and enhancing our traditional public schools as the core educational reform strategy."

The Network for Public Education only endorses candidates with a clear commitment to our schools. Councilman Baraka has lived that commitment, and The Network for Public Education offers him our strong support. Please share the Thunderclap link and news about this historic campaign through your networks, and via Twitter and Facebook. For more information about Ras Baraka, go to


The Network for Public Education endorses Valarie Wilson for Georgia State Superintendent  
The Network for Public Education is pleased to endorse VALARIE WILSON for State School Superintendent in Georgia. Valarie brings the perspective of an engaged parent to the campaign and will fight to advance, protect and improve the state's public schools and, like NPE, she opposes the forces of privatization that are working hard in Georgia. 
From Valarie's official campaign site
"I'm very troubled by the movement to sell our schools to private interests. I believe all schools, including non-profit charter schools, have the potential to facilitate needed reforms and develop new teaching methods. But I oppose for-profit charter schools because they lack accountability and stability. And-unlike some of my Democratic opponents-I oppose vouchers. They don't reach the kids who are most in need-they usually aren't nearly large enough to cover tuition."
Valarie Wilson has been a fierce advocate for public schools as her own child attended Decatur city schools - a thriving, diverse school system in metro Atlanta.  She has served on her local school board and helped to lead the state school board association.  Valarie's commitment to public education and her political experience will enable her to lead Georgia during this critical time for Education in the state and nation. 
The Network for Public Education joins parents and teachers and other leaders throughout Georgia who know Valarie Wilson is the best candidate for the job. We ask you to please support Valarie and share this with your friends in Georgia.

The Network For Public Education | P.O. Box 44200 | Tucson | AZ | 85733

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