Friday, May 23, 2014

We did it! Victory for the Awá ~ @Survival #indigenous #humanrights

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The Awá: an historic victory
In 2012 we launched a global campaign to save a little-known tribe in the Amazon, one of the last nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes left in Brazil. With more than 30% of their forests destroyed by illegal logging, we asked you to help save the Earth's most threatened tribe.
You responded in your thousands, and, because of your emails, Awáicons and donations, the campaign made headlines around the world. Brazil's Minister of Justice was forced to act, sending in troops and federal agents to expel the loggers.
The operation has just been completed; all loggers and ranchers have been removed from the Awá indigenous territory. This is an incredible victory which would never have happened without your help.
Here is your story>Watch the film

The story is currently on the front page of the BBC website and will be featured in BBC2’s leading in-depth TV news programme, “Newsnight”. UK supporters can watch it tonight (Thursday 22 May) at 10.30pm (BST). The story will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday at 11.30am (BST).


More good news……

The Brazilian police have closed down Gaspem, a notorious “security” firm employed by powerful Brazilian ranchers, accused of killing at least two Guarani leaders, and brutally attacking hundreds more.

But there are other Guarani who still need your help as this disturbing new footage of gunmen firing at a Guarani community shows. Their only crime – trying to live in peace on tiny fractions of the ancestral land that was once stolen from them.

Walk for Brazilian Indians

Nixiwaka, a 27-year-old Amazon Indian from the Yawanawá (“People of the Wild Boar”) tribe in western Brazil is soon to walk Hadrian’s Wall (England), accompanied by other Survival supporters, to highlight the continued annihilation of country’s first peoples.

It’s not too late to show your support by sponsoring Nixiwaka. – Thank you so much to everyone who has already given.
We are Survival, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights.

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