Friday, May 23, 2014

BREAKING: A Major Overhaul at ~ our @MMFlint

BREAKING: A Major Overhaul Today at
Tuesday, May 21st, 2014

A few minutes ago I launched my new "non-website" website at Check it out! I've decided to dispense with the traditional website design and content and instead make it more personal by communicating with you from now on entirely through social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube. And instead of you having to visit each of those sites separately, you can now read all of my feeds right here, on one page:

I'll also have some standard stuff -- links to news you might have missed, film and book recommendations, a FAQ, postings and pix from my daily walks, and a cool piece of video each day that I've stumbled upon.

The fact of the matter is that over the past few years I've come to rely mainly on Twitter and Facebook to post ideas, information and calls to action. I've also started submitting things on Instagram. I am a Baby Boomer, so none of this was easy! But once I got the hang of it, I loved it. I saw what amazing vehicles these things are in reaching millions of people -- instantly. Before the invention of the web, there was no way for us to do an end-run around the powers-that-be if we wanted to have a national discussion on anything. If you didn't own a newspaper, run a TV network or movie studio, or if you weren't a book publisher, ideas transmitted to your fellow citizens had to be FILTERED by these gatekeepers. Just about the only way we could share our thoughts with the general public was to write a letter to the editor -- and hope "they" would publish it.

Let's be clear: Those in charge must rue the day the idea of social media was born. In one fell swoop it eliminated the need for the middle man: them. We could now talk to each other -- and to the larger public -- without permission or censorship or control. How dangerous is that?! If I uncover some wrongdoing -- or have an idea that would shake the powerful at their core -- I could instantly tell millions about it on Twitter or Facebook. No wonder the NSA is monitoring all of us. It's scared the bejesus out of them! The only thing I wonder about now is how long this little experiment is going to last. Let's make it for good.

So, starting now, check out my "all social media, all the time" comments and postings at Go there daily if you can. You can also post your comments, re-tweet something I've tweeted, or share a cool link with me that I can then share with millions. (Although you don't personally need to join Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, I highly encourage you to do so.)

This is a new way to do a website. Every word I write on Twitter and Facebook is mine. I don't have someone writing these things up for me -- all posts you read are conceived and typed by yours truly. I have no website staff. I charge no one to use this. I refuse to allow ads on my site or to make money on it in any way. There are no investors and no outside money funding this. All costs come out of my pocket and no one reimburses me. How can I afford that? Because you've bought millions of copies of my books and millions of tickets to my films. So YOU paid for this. I thank you for that -- and now I want you to use what you paid for!

Go check it out now. Let me know what you think. And come see me everyday! Some of it is even funny.

Michael Moore

P.S. Huge props to Robert Lenz and Matthew Govaere at Knicknack for this new concept and design -- these guys are great. And many thanks to the two people who ran my website over the past ten years -- Jonathan Schwarz and Eric Weinrib. They'll still be part of this as I will be posting the great new work they're now doing -- Eric's making a documentary, and Jonathan has been hired by one of the coolest web launches about to happen (more to be disclosed later!). I'm already feeling lonely. Somebody please tweet me a cat video.

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