Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fair Food Summit: Supermarket Week of Action (Oct. 16-24) to kick-off with major TJ march! ~ @ciw

Fair Food Summit unites allies from across US with workers from Immokalee in
three-day planning conference...

First order of business: Supermarket Week of Action with kick-off protest at Trader Joe's headquarters!
The 2011 Fair Food Summit -- a gathering of Fair Food activists from across the country with workers in Immokalee for a jam-packed, three-day planning process aimed at intensifying, and winning, the Supermarket Campaign -- is a wrap. And as participants make their way home to communities from New York to California, they are carrying with them plans for a significant escalation of the movement to secure the supermarkets' support for fair wages and humane working conditions in Florida's tomato fields.
The first big action on the calendar: A national Supermarket Week of Action, October 16-24, to be kicked-off in style with a major protest and rally at Trader Joe's corporate headquarters in Monrovia, CA, on October 14th!
International Food Day is October 16th, and National Food Day celebrations follow the next weekend, designed to "transform the way Americans eat," with six defined goals, including #6: "Support fair conditions for food and farm workers." The Campaign for Fair Food Supermarket Week of Action is book-ended by the two Food Days, and will feature supermarket protests from coast to coast.
Check out the CIW website today for a photo report from the Fair Food Summit, including pics from a lively Saturday protest at a local Publix store and from Sunday's Independence Day party in Immokalee!
Thanks - Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Coalition of Immokalee Workers • PO Box 603, Immokalee, FL 34143 • (239) 657-8311 • workers@ciw-online.org

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