Friday, September 9, 2011

The President's speech showed a welcome change in substance and in tone

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The President delivered his major economic address yesterday evening (out of prime time):



Proposed Bill (Text & PDF versions)

It was the best speech I've heard from President Obama.

It delivered a major shift in both content and in tone.

It was the first time Mr. Obama made the case for the importance of government to the American people.

And it was the first time he showed some fight, and some willingness to go over Congress's head... to the people.

And it was the first time he sounded to me like he was on the side of the people.

Of course it contained the obligatory Reaganesque slams at "regulation" (i.e. "the rule of law"), and threats against the completely powerless people who rely on Medicaid and against the necessary social safety net of Medicare.

But on balance it was a good thing.

Would it be ungrateful of me to ask "Where was this guy the past 2 1/2 years?"

Well, he sounded like a man last night. I hope he can stay on track.

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