Saturday, September 10, 2011

Michael Moore (our @MMFlint): "My Terrorists" -- The Excerpt Everyone's Talking About from "HERE COMES TROUBLE"

"My Terrorists" -- The Excerpt Everyone's Talking About from "HERE COMES TROUBLE" by Michael Moore
September 10th, 2011
This week, I gave permission to London's Guardian newspaper to publish an excerpt from my new book, HERE COMES TROUBLE, before it hits the shelves next week (or, to put it another way, no American paper was going to run a 4,000-word piece from yours truly!).
This excerpt, which the Guardian entitled "I Was the Most Hated Man in America," is from one of my nonfiction short stories in the book, a story called "The Execution of Michael Moore." The publication of this piece has generated an intense reaction from those who've read it (mostly in the UK), so I thought those who live in my own country would also like to see it. Here is the link.
This story is from the first chapter in my book. It deals with terrorism after 9/11. Not terror perpetrated by al Qaeda, but terror and fear created by domestic terrorists who didn't want anyone questioning the actions of George W. Bush. They had a way of "dealing with" people like me, and I've decided to tell the whole story for the first time. You can read the condensed version from this Guardian piece, but, if you can, read the whole story when the book comes out Tuesday.
Thank you!
Michael Moore
P.S. Hey -- just a heads up. Amazon has got HERE COMES TROUBLE for 40% off today. This is a steal for those of you who can no longer afford to buy books.
P.P.S. If you can, I'd love for you to support your local bookstore. And if you'd like an autographed first edition, then support the indie stores in my neck of the woods in northern Michigan who are selling and shipping them. Thanks!

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