Sunday, September 25, 2011

From Van Jones (@VanJones68): Let's meet in Washington

Rebuild the Dream, Powered
by Civic Action

Take back the American dream

We are Rebuilding the
American Dream
Our movement is growing, and we're gathering October 3-5 in Washington, D.C., for the Take Back the American Dream conference. Will you join us?
We're less than two weeks from the first national gathering of the American Dream movement. This October 3-5 thousands of people are heading to Washington, D.C., for the Take Back the American Dream conference.

At the conference we'll learn from each other, share inspiration, and build a powerful sense of solidarity across our movement.

I hope you can be a part of it.
Click here to register.
I'll be speaking at the conference along with movement leaders including Robert Reich, Drew Westen, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Richard Trumka, Lizz Winstead, Mary Kay Henry, and Rep. Barney Frank.

The agenda includes workshops on crucial movement issues from jobs to education to the war in Afghanistan, and strategic conversations about how we can best organize to build our strength and tell our stories.

Right now we need to come together and use everything we've got to keep the right wing from blocking progress in Washington on jobs.

Take Back the American Dream is our opportunity to meet face to face and fortify our new movement. I hope you'll join the local volunteers, students, teachers, unions, community groups, and more who will all be in Washington October 3-5.
Click here to register now.
Thank you.
–Van Jones

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