Thursday, October 13, 2011

Call Bloomberg #ows


We just got word that Mayor Bloomberg has ordered sanitation workers into Zuccotti Park tomorrow morning.

They are saying that they need to clean the park, but it looks more like they are trying to force an early end to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Can you call Mayor Bloomberg right now and tell him not to kick the protesters out of Zuccotti Park?

Call Mayor Bloomberg now at 212.639.9675!
Click here to let us know that you made your call and tell us how it went.

Tomorrow morning, as Mayor Bloomberg’s teams of sanitation workers and police arrive at Zuccotti Park, we need to make sure there are thousands there to keep this protest going strong. We’ll be arriving at 6 am - and we need you to be there with us.

Occupy Wall Street isn’t done yet - and we can’t sit back and allow anyone to stop this movement. Join us tomorrow at 6am in Zuccotti Park to make sure our outcry against corporate greed and injustice can continue to be heard.

Let’s keep this movement growing,

Karen Scharff
Executive Director
Citizen Action of New York

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