Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Court temporarily stops Oregon wolf killing ~ @CenterForBioDiv

Center for Biological Diversity

Imnaha pack alpha male
I was going to write you today with a final fundraising appeal for our Pesticide Action Fund. But a wolf-killing emergency just came up in Oregon, and I desperately need your help to stop it.
Though only 14 wolves remain in the state, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has ordered the killing of the alpha male and young male in the Imnaha pack. That's half the pack. If they're killed, the remaining female and her pup will be left to survive the winter on their own, with no pack to support them.

With state agents already in the mountains, ready to kill the wolves, Center for Biological Diversity lawyers rushed to the Oregon Court of Appeals in Portland last week with an 11th-hour emergency request to stop the killing.

We won! But it's only a temporary reprieve. It will last just long enough for us to make our full case to end the killing. If we lose the wolves will be killed, and in all likelihood the female and her pup will die or disperse, forever destroying the pack.
Please help us win this emergency lawsuit by making a generous donation today to our Emergency Wolf Protection Fund.
Oregon’s wolf population has dropped from 21 to 14 since Congress stripped away the animals' federal protection. Oregon's wolves are at very real risk of extinction. Every remaining wolf is essential to keeping the hope of a healthy Oregon wolf population alive.
The Imnaha pack was the first to bring pups into the world in Oregon since the extermination of wolves there 60 years ago. It is one of only three packs in the state, which already killed two of its other pack members in May. We can't let the Imnaha pack be wiped out to satisfy the greed and ignorance of a state agency controlled by the livestock industry.
Help us stop the killing by donating as much as you can afford to the Emergency Wolf Protection Fund right now. We'll use it to prepare emergency briefs on a fast timetable to win permanent protection for the legendary Imnaha pack.
For the wolves,
Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity
P.S. This isn’t the first time we’ve gone to court to save the Imnaha Pack. In 2010 we filed suit and stopped the killing. We can do it again, but only with your help -- please donate today and tell as many as your friends as possible to help as well.

Photo of the Imnaha pack alpha male courtesy Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Center for Biological Diversity
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