Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wall Street is using its money to try to defeat Elizabeth Warren (our @elizabethforma). I wonder why. #ows

Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts

As soon as Elizabeth announced she was taking her fight for working families to the U.S. Senate, the big corporate lobbyists and Wall Street titans made abundantly clear what they were going to do to our campaign.
In fact, it's as clear as a recent headline in Politico: "Wall Street Readies Assault on Elizabeth Warren."
That assault is starting now. Today, Scott Brown will be the guest of honor at a fundraiser hosted by lobbyists from some of the biggest firms on Wall Street, expected to contribute $50,000 or more -- in one night -- to Brown's campaign. 
It's up to people like you and me to help Elizabeth fight back. Let's match Wall Street's big bucks for Scott Brown by raising $50,000 from the grassroots to support Elizabeth Warren's campaign for middle-class families.
Last year, Forbes Magazine named Scott Brown one of Wall Street's favorite congressmen, and it's no surprise that Wall Street is coming after Elizabeth and all of us by raising big bucks for Scott Brown. We have to fight back.
We can stand up to the big banks and Wall Street lobbyists and stand up for middle class families -- by standing with Elizabeth Warren today. 
Elizabeth has worked her whole life to make sure the hard-working families of Massachusetts and America get better opportunities and a chance to get ahead -- by standing up to Wall Street and the big banks.
With your help, that's what she'll do in the United States Senate.
Thank you for your support today,
Mary Liz Ganley
Finance Team
Elizabeth for MA

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