Friday, October 7, 2011

#Occupy is now in DC ~ @Roots_Action #ows

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The Occupy movement is history-making. Starting today, tent cities are up in Freedom Plaza in D.C. Over 15,000 of you have signed the statement, "I Support These Protests." Help us double that number by signing and sharing with your friends. Let’s send a strong message of support to protesters in DC who are pushing to bring war dollars home.

Here's an update from RootsAction’s David Swanson who's on the ground in D.C.


Ten years ago tomorrow, the longest war in U.S. history began.  That's ten years of missiles and bombs, ten years of kicking in doors and disappearing people, ten years of fighting and funding the Taliban, ten years of developing hatred of the United States, ten years of demolishing Afghanistan's natural environment, and ten years of profiteering to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars a day.

And there’s no end in sight.

That's why I'm writing to you from Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., where thousands of us have just begun an occupation planned months ago and energized in recent weeks by our brothers and sisters at OccupyWallStreet.  We're bringing the occupation to the government that Wall Street corrupts -- to the government that launches war without end.  Corporate exploitation abroad depends on the threat of war.  War funding depends on the defunding of human needs.

We aim to shift our public priorities.  These are our goals:
•       Tax the rich and corporations
•       End the wars, bring the troops home, cut military spending
•       Protect the social safety net, strengthen Social Security and institute enhanced Medicare for All
•       End corporate welfare for oil companies and other big business interests
•       Transition to a clean energy economy, reverse environmental degradation
•       Protect worker rights including collective bargaining, create jobs and raise wages
•       Get money out of politics

If you share this agenda, as most of the U.S. public does, join us:

Whether you can join us or not, sign this statement of solidarity that I will read to the people occupying our nation's capital night and day.

Forward this everywhere.  Share it on FaceBook.  Tweet this tag: #oct6.  Tell the mainstream media the seven goals above are easy to understand!

David Swanson

P.S. Our small staff is supported by contributions from people like you; your donations are greatly appreciated.
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