Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fight GOP dirty tricks in #WiRecall

Put Wisconsin First. Vote Tom Barrett on June 5.
Tom Barrett for Governor

It doesn't get much more repulsive then this.
In a desperate, 11th-hour dirty trick intended to derail Tom Barrett's growing momentum and jam our campaign's phone lines, Scott Walker's far-right friends sent a vile text message urging recipients to contact our main office line.
The goal of these calls was obvious - to tie up our phones for hours, and make it nearly impossible for our volunteers and staff to contact voters out of our headquarters.
Are you going to let this stand or are you going to fight back against these disgusting dirty tricks from Tea Party operators? Donate $5 right now to our emergency response fund so we can thwart Karl Rove-like attempts to steal this election.
Because of your support, we've already put the largest GOTV operation in Wisconsin history into action. Right now more than 30,000 volunteers are signed up for shifts across the state over the next three days.
With the polls showing this race deadlocked, we know the outcome on Election Day is going to come down to turnout, making every call our volunteers make to voters absolutely crucial to victory.
In 2011, David Koch's right-wing group mailed flyers with the wrong election date on them to Democratic voters just days before the election, which means today's voter suppression attack is just the tip of the iceberg.
With your donation of $5 to our emergency response fund, we'll be able to stop these dirty tricks from Scott Walker's camp -- ensuring our massive field operation is able to Get-Out-The-Vote for Tom Barrett
Thank you for your support,
Mary Urbina-McCarthy
Finance Director
Barrett for Wisconsin
Defeat Scott Walker. Donate to Tom Barrett for Governor
Paid for and authorized by Barrett for Wisconsin, Catherine Shaw, Treasurer
Contributions to Barrett for Wisconsin are not tax deductable. State election law allows individuals to contribute up to $10,000. Barrett for Wisconsin can no longer accept PAC contributions. Barrett for Wisconsin can accept contributions from lobbyists starting on June 1 2012. Corporate contributions are not accepted. If you have received this email via a Wisconsin state sponsored email address we apologize; you have been sent this communication in error. Please unsubscribe by clicking below.

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