Monday, May 14, 2012

Please take action for the Awá people, Earth's most threatened tribe #indigenous

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Please take action for Earth's most threatened tribe.


Uncontacted Awá Indians are on the run from illegal loggers who have invaded their lands. Brazil’s Minister of Justice has the power to send in the police to catch the loggers and keep them out for good, and Survival supporters have already sent him more than 17,000 emails asking him to make the Awá his priority. It looks like it’s working, but we need your help to reach the 20,000 messages milestone:

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‘If we can’t respect the right of the last tribes living in isolation on the planet to decide their own fate, then how are we different from the conquistadors of 500 years ago, whom we so roundly condemn for their violence and greed?’

Writer and activist Mitch Anderson

Little Butterfly Awá’s village is just half an hour’s walk from the frontier where settlers are invading her tribe’s lands. The rains will soon stop, and a new wave of burning will begin. Please help by sharing our urgent campaign with your friends and family.


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