Friday, May 11, 2012

Important action alert from Tom Barrett #wirecall

Put Wisconsin First. Vote Tom Barrett on June 5.
Tom Barrett for Governor

We all know Scott Walker didn't tell the truth to the people of Wisconsin about his private plans for an ideological civil war. 

But now there is never-before-seen footage of Walker talking to a Koch Brothers strategist that proves it. 

In a shocking video uncovered by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Walker is caught red-handed discussing his intention to strip workers of their rights as part of a larger secret strategy to "divide and conquer" Wisconsin for his own political gain. 


After Walker says "Oh yeah" to assaulting working, middle-class families, the Koch strategist in the video pledges to do whatever she can to help advance Walker's war.

She then made a $500,000 contribution to his campaign. 

Walker's Wisconsin is a pay-to-play government where backroom deals are made, promises are broken, and the average Joe takes a pay cut while mega millionaires fund his right-wing extreme agenda and Wisconsin suffers. 

That's not the Wisconsin I know and love.    

There are only 25 days left to defeat Scott Walker. And with your help right now, I'll go to work to bring our state together and heal political wounds, instead of Walker's way of pitting people against each other and catering to special interests.

Walker has right-wing billionaires fueling his dishonest campaign. I have people like you standing up for what's right. 

Thank you, 

Tom Barrett
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