Thursday, May 3, 2012

Message from Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts

This election is about whose side you're on.
I'm making it clear where I stand. This week, we released a new TV ad with President Obama talking about the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and how we worked to get it started.
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It's also clear where Scott Brown stands. According to a detailed report yesterday in The Boston Globe, Scott Brown "delivered for Wall Street" -- and Wall Street has been returning the favor.
The Globe reports Scott Brown has set up a new campaign fund with the Republican Party and filled it with Wall Street contributions -- an additional $1.275 million from Wall Street and financial interests. Globe research shows:
"The joint committee's reports are replete with generous donations from deep-pocketed venture capitalists, bankers, and leaders of some of the country's largest investment firms who are eager to see Brown defeat his likely Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren, a consumer advocate."
My life's work has been to stand up to Wall Street, the big banks and credit card companies -- exposing their tricks and traps, demanding accountability, and working to level the playing field for working families.
As this latest story shows, Wall Street is lining up against me, contributing millions to help Scott Brown through this new committee and his campaign.
I need your help to fight back against Scott Brown's Wall Street war chest -- not only to keep this ad on their air, but to build the grassroots campaign we need to take this message from home to home across Massachusetts.
This election is about whose side you're on. You know where I stand: with hard working, middle class families. Now I need your help letting everyone in Massachusetts know where Scott Brown stands, too -- with Wall Street.
Thank you for being a part of this.
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