Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Early voting a success in Florida

A local reporter in West Palm Beach, Florida, has acquired a memo from an anonymous Republican operative who is panicked about the strength of Democratic voter turnout operations in the area. Here is the memo:
Subject: EV/AB numbers [Early Vote / Absentee Ballot numbers]

The early and absentee turnout is starting to look more troubling. As of yesterday, Republicans made up only 22% of early voters and 30% of returned absentee votes.

This is closer to (and worse than) 2008 where we saw 19% EV and 38% of the absentees. 2010 (our blowout year) was 33% of EV and 45% of AB.

Conclusion: the Democrat turnout machine in the county has been very effective and they are cleaning our clock.
We are kicking Republican butt in early voting, and with six days left, let's keep piling on. Please help get Democratic voters to the polls by contributing to President Barack Obama.

Keep fighting,
Markos Moulitsas
Publisher, Daily Kos

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