Sunday, October 21, 2012

Raye Muller: "I'm a former Republican"

As a little girl, I grew up in a Republican familiy in small-town Illinois.
My first job was delivering newspapers as a teenager. I went to college, worked hard for decades, and voted Republican along the way.
Today, I am on Social Security Disability. Paul Ryan calls me, and my father who drew veterans benefits, "the takers" of society. Mitt Romney calls us the 47%. 
But we are the 99%. In this election, I'm proud to make phone calls for Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson, and other progressives who believe our government should work for the people.
Will you join me in changing our country by making calls for top progressive candidates this week? Click here.
(Or if you can afford to, donate $3 to this important Call Out The Vote program.)
Years ago, a friend said to me, "Do you really think Republicans are for you, your brothers, your father? They're not for you. They're using you." 
It took me a while to catch on. But today, I feel much more at home as a member of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.
In the last week, I've made calls for 5 candidates. And PCCC members have made over 500,000 phone calls to help progressives win, which is amazing.
I spoke to one voter in Massachusetts who was fed up with politics and not voting. By the end of our conversation, he was voting -- another vote for Elizabeth Warren. 
In the final stretch, progressive candidates need you. Please join thousands of us who are taking back our democracy by making calls to key voters. Click here.
(Or if you can afford to, donate $3 to this important program.)
Thanks so much for your time, and for being a bold progressive.
-- Raye Muller, Illinois

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