Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jill Stein arrested again

Dear Ray,

Jill Stein was just arrested while delivering supplies to Tar Sands Blockade activists in Texas. Read why she went there and what happened by clicking here. Dr. Stein is still being held in the Wood County Jail. Activists fighting for a safer, healthier planet are heroes. Not criminals. We must push back.

Can you chip in right now to fight for a healthier planet?

The real criminals are fossil fuel CEOs plundering our world to maximize short-term profits, and the politicians who enable them. We must reach out to the millions of people that have had enough that there is a candidate standing with working and poor people and fighting for the next generations.

Anything you can give makes a difference in these last 5 days.

We are at a crucial moment in history. Our campaign is making historic headway. As of yesterday, we are again polling at 1-2% in national surveys, even in the face of tremendous corporate domination of the political system. We must keep building. Together we will break through and create a new democracy.

~ Ben Manski
  Campaign Manager

Please take an immediate step by making a donation:
Authorized and paid for by Jill Stein for President
PO Box 260217, Madison, WI 53726-0217 

Jill Stein for President · United States
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