Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marjorie Kantor, retiree: I can't give money #p2

Hello. This is Marjorie Kantor, a retiree in Brooklyn.
I cannot afford to give the money I would like to progressive candidates. But I can give my time and my effort, so that's what I'm doing because we absolutely cannot afford to lose in November.
I've made calls for Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson, and Annie Kuster through the PCCC's Call Out The Vote program. And last night, I signed up for 3 more call shifts. 
If you care about our country's future, can you join me in making calls for any of the 8 great candidates on the schedule in the next few days? Just click here.
(Or if you can afford to, you can donate $3 to this important program here.)
One thing I like about Call Out The Vote is that it respects our time. We only talk to live people -- no answering machines, no wrong numbers. It's quick, it's easy, and it's fun.
Most important, the 337,815 calls PCCC members have made so far are making a difference for our nation's future. 
I care about women's issues very much. I also care about having strong jobs program. Unlike Mitt Romney, I believe the government should create jobs rebuilding our nation's communities.
And I love Elizabeth Warren. I am so proud to do calls for her and those who will be her allies in Congress. 
Please join me in making a difference. Click here to Call Out The Vote for progressive candidates today, tomorrow, or this weekend.
(Or if you can afford to, you can donate $3 to this important program here.)
Thanks so much for your time, and for being a bold progressive like me.
-- Marjorie

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